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Jaw & Double Chin

Series of treatments 
Technology: Ultrasound by SonNext

“Double chin” is most often caused by localized deposition of fat under the jaw, significant rapid weight loss that makes the skin sag, hormonal changes, or with aging accompanied by an altered distribution of fat in the body, tissue atrophy and a decline in skin tension.

Once the double chin forms, it cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise.

We offer treatment for this problem using the SonNext device developed for lipolysis and firming of the skin in the neck area, jaw line and chin based on an innovative ultrasound technology.

The SonNext performs two actions simultaneously fat reduction and skin firming.

The device is non-invasive, and emits sound waves and heat. Its compound action promotes generation of collagen fibers that improve the firmness of the skin, and safely treats sagging skin.

The patented method of using ultrasound to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers to enhance the level of collagen synthesis is unique to this device. The heat generated in this process makes the skin tighter by warming its deepest layer.

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