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The only thing we all have in common is the fact that each one of us is unique. The same goes for our beauty.

We know that if we want to bring out your Individual beauty, we need to get up close and personal:
get to know your skin, your habits and your needs. Only then can we match those with the right products and create a tailor made treatment plan.

We call it Tailor Made Beauty.

There are three stages on the way to make you

Individually Beautiful


Individuel Needs

One of our experts will get to know you & your individual needs: learn Your skin using computerized imaging, your skincare habits and your expectations.


Individuel Care

Skincare products that match your individual needs will be handpicked for you. You can try them out, see how they feel and assemble your tailor-made skincare package together with our expert.


Individuel Treatment

Customized beauty plan, including special treatments for immediate results, will be made with you to maximize your skin potential.

Individuel Stores


Rue Du Rhone 40 /
Passage Malbuison 19
+41 22 310 21 58

Quai des Bergues 29
+41 22 731 00 95

Rue De La Fontaine 43
+41 22 810 83 67


Outlet Aubonne,
Pré Neuf 1170
+41 21 807 24 58


Gerbergasse 63
+41 61 262 04 65


Rue de pont 14
+41 21 311 53 64


Marktgasse 8
+41 44 260 84 06


Hertensteinstrasse 35
+41 41 412 29 13


Shoppi Tivoli Mall
+41 56 410 14 68


Individuel Office

Aubonne Outlet,
Pré Neuf,
1170 Aubonne, CH.

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